Hunt County Public Art

Artist’s Statement

The title of the mural is “Spectrum.”

The circle is an abstract geometric symbol that is perfect, complete in itself, having its beginning in its end. The circle is the primary architectural and thematic device that has been used throughout the ages in literature as well as art.

We are all energy, and the mural represents the energy that links us to the past, while we are at once in the present, moving forward into the future. It is a tribute to what has been, what is, and what will be. The mural is interactive, progressive, and everyone (the public) has a chance to be a part of the whole piece. It is ever-changing while constant at the same time.

I have always enjoyed making art with a 3D element ever since my first grade teacher had me go to all the classrooms and show my poster with a protruding bird nest. Also when I was 17, my 3D Picasso rendering won a first place ribbon at an art show at NorthPark Mall, so I was excited when the owner of the Armstrong Appliance Building, Jeff Holland, suggested incorporating a 3D element into the mural as well.

Looking forward to seeing this come about and hope everyone enjoys the show.

Cathy Smithey, Artist